MailChimp Review

When it comes to your business, the old adage “Build it and they will come” just doesn’t hold true. You need to think about ways to best engage your customers. In short, you need email marketing. MailChimp (whose lowest subcription plan begins at $10 per month for up to 500 subscribers) may make you chuckle with its links to funny YouTube videos and humorous messages but it’s all business in regards to sending emails, collecting statistics, and improving performance.

MailChimp is an Editors’ Choice for email marketing tools because it is an excellent starter service, one that’s easy to use even if you are still learning how email marketing works. If you need more advanced features, then you can upgrade to MailChimp Pro ($199 per month), which offers additional testing and reporting tools, advanced segmentation, priority support, and much more.

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing services available because it is extremely easy to use for anyone, regardless of how tech savvy one is or is not. It’s also an affordable choice whether you have 100 contacts or 20,000 contacts to reach. It includes advanced features in its email creation and tracking tools, and we had considerable success with it when we sent test emails to a variety of email clients.

In the world of email, reputation is about more than branding and customer service. Reputation is about whether you can even exist as a business…because, SPAM.

Spam filters have evolved by leaps and bounds in the past several years. They no longer look at a few spammy triggers. Instead, they look at a range of factors that are graded in real time.

One of the most critical factors is reputation score. If an email recipient (e.g., Gmail) sees that a sender is sending a lot of tagged email spam – all the emails from that provider become suspect.

On the flip side, if an email sender is consistently sending “good” emails (ie, emails that get opened or untagged) – the reputation for all of that sender’s mail gets better grades.

In other words, sending good email via a good provider is essential for getting your email delivered. In 6 years of sending email, I’ve never had an issue with deliverability or reports of spam at MailChimp.

On the nerdy recipient side – I’ve never seen a MailChimp-powered email land in my personal spam folder.

But it’s not just anecdotal. Here’s an industry report from ReturnPath.

MailChimp dedicates huge resources to fighting spam. They have some of the most restrictive sending policies. When you’re crafting an email, they give you repeated tips to send better email (ie, examples of non-spammy subject lines; examples of adding clean, opted-in addresses to your lists, etc).

Like any product/service – MailChimp is not for everyone. While they do a better job than most at serving everyone from personal to enterprise accounts – there are things that MailChimp does not do well that you should consider.

MailChimp’s brand is not only cosmetic – it’s engrained throughout the product. For better & for worse, MailChimp has a unique language for its features & processes.
If MailChimp is your first email provider, you won’t notice. In fact, you’ll likely find it fun and simplifying.

But if you are coming from other email providers, you’ll likely find it a bit confusing. The learning curve will be a bit steeper.