The Top 5 Types of Blog Posts That Get Shared the Most

Getting your content read is one of the most rewarding parts of having a blog, but on the flip side, it’s easy to get discouraged when our blogs don’t get visited as much as we’d like to. To avoid this wretched feeling, you should create certain types of blog posts that get read and shared more than others.

1. How-To’s

How-To’s and tutorials are among the most powerful and compelling blog posts. Think about it: how often do you search the web for instructions on how to do something (anything)? Whether it’s how to grow a garden or how to change a tire, someone’s always searching for tutorial posts. If your content gives them the instructions they need, and you employ good SEO, you’re bound to be found! As a bonus, these types of posts are usually “evergreen,” meaning they don’t get old and even increase in search ranking over time.

2. Reviews

People need help making decisions, particularly when spending their money on something, so writing reviews is a great way to attract readers doing product research. Plus, if you fill up your blog with many product or service reviews from within your industry, you can become an authority or influencer, which will make your site more relevant in Google’s eyes.

3. Go On, Tell Us What You Really Think!
Many of us have deep down thoughts about superficial things that we wish we could share with the world. Whether it’s our love of coffee or the need for some retail therapy, sharing it with others ignites good “I-identify-with-that-too!”

4. Inspirational Quotes
As clichéd as some of them might sound, people share inspirational quotes on Facebook, not only because they like them, but also because they feel motivated and empowered, and they want others to know about it.

5. Lists

List posts streamline information into a numbered list that’s easy for your readers to read, share and put into action. They speak to our desire to find the best information in the shortest amount of time.